“Putting on the uniform does not make a fellow a Scout, but putting on the uniform is a sign to the world that one has taken the Scout obligations and folk expect Scout-like acts from wearing it.” –Handbook of Boys, 1927 CE

Boys are highly encouraged to wear uniforms to our regular troop and patrol meetings, but are not recommended to wear them to events outside of AES.
Here is a picture guide:

Right Sleeve (Top to Bottoom)            Front:                                                                        Left Sleeve:

Quality Unit Award is 4 inches           Rank Patch is on left pocket                                        Council Patch is placed as shown
down from top of sleeve                     Arrow of Light is beneath left pocket                             Unit Number is below Council Patch
Patrol Emblem is between US           Recruiter Emblem is directly below the Right Pocket     On the pocket is the Leadership Patch
Flag and Qualty Unit Award                                                    
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